Frequently Asked Questions

What Is MAGNAblade & How It Works

What is MAGNAblade?

MAGNAblade is a portable, convenient device that extends the life and performances of most razor blades on the market. It magnetically sharpens your razor blades, making them last 2-6 times longer than normal and saves you hundreds of dollars a year on razor blade replacements.

What is it made out of?

MAGNAblade is created with high quality, plastic components and has no moving parts or batteries.

Which razor blades can you use?

MAGNAblade now includes a high-quality, designer chrome razor with a five blade head.

MAGNAblade is compatible with most razors currently on the market.

  • Bic Hybrid Advance
  • Venus
  • Gillette Venus Tropical
  • Bic Soleil Twilight
  • Schick Quattro for Women
  • Gillette Fusion Proglide
  • Schick Hydro 3
  • Schick Hydro 5
  • Bic Comfort 3 Advance
  • Gillette Mach 3
  • Gillette Mach 3 Turbo
  • Gillette Atra
  • Gillette Sensor
  • Gillette Fusion
  • Schick Quattro

Some razors may not fit the MAGNAblade. This is why your MAGNAblade includes a high quality razor.

Which razor blades won't work?

  • Venus Bikini
  • Venus Breeze
  • Venus Embrace
  • Gillette Daisy
  • Schick Slim Trim
  • Rite Aid Solara

How long does MAGNAblade last?

The device was created to last at least 10 years. The magnetic energy stays strong for long periods of time since the amount of iron molecules used is minimal in razor blades.