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"I had a fantastic experience on my first blade.. 52 days! I kept thinking the blade would go dull, but it stayed smooth almost to the last day! I am now on my 10th day with a new blade and so far it is as smooth as the first day." Dave Y.

"A note to let you know how much I enjoy your product MAGNAblade I (along with my staff) received this wonderful product in November 2008; we have all used the same one we started with and are extremely happy with it! This product is remarkable, easy to use and does as it claims; lengthens the life of a disposable razor. Personally, I use a high priced disposable system, and have been using the same blade since the day I started using MAGNAblade , amazing. Linda, my Assistant has also been on the same disposable razor (less expensive brand) since November 2008. MAGNAblade works great with disposable razors or disposable blades; it's fantastic! This product saves money and is a terrific idea; when will it be available on the market?"Darla B.

"I am extremely impressed with the Magna Blade product you sent to me. I have a light beard, so I only shave two or three times per week. I shave with a Gillette Fusion Power razor, which fits nicely into your product. I put a fresh blade on my razor back at the beginning of December when I received the product from you. Today is January 12, and I am still using the same blade that I put on the razor over 6 weeks ago! Since I was raving about it so much, my wife then stole it from me so that she could use it since she has very long legs and goes through blades faster than I do (She uses a Men's Fusion as well). She took it from me almost 2 weeks ago, and I am still using the same blade from the beginning of December! She even remarked to me yesterday about how well it is working for her so far too! Thanks." David K.

"My husband loves his MAGNAblade . His razor has been parked in it since you gave it to him. He says it keeps the blade from rusting and getting dull and that they last a lot longer." Deborah H.

"Wow, what a great product! I'm getting two to three times the life out of my blades. Many thanks for turning me on to it." Barney U.

"I have been using the MAGNAblade and my razors have been lasting longer than usual. I used to throw my razor after the 3rd or 4th use. Now I use the same razor for two weeks. I keep my razor right next to my sink and the MAGNAblade fits perfect since it is so small. Thank you for saving money!" Danice R.

"I just want to thank you for the MAGNAblade product for my razor blades. I have definitely noticed a difference in the longevity of the sharpness in my blades. I was surprised and happy to find that it just about doubled the life span of my blades for a comfortable shave. It is a simple product to use and it adds up to a big difference with the high cost of razor blades. Thanks for helping me discover this great product!" Ryan R.

"I just wanted you to know that your Magna Blade has doubled the time I get from a Mach 3 blade. I use to have to change blades every two weeks and with the Magna Blade I can go an entire month. I just store the razor in the Magna Blade when I am not shaving. It works great." Bill B.

"I wanted to thank you for the magna blade. Your product has saved me a good amount of money, on expensive replacement blades. I shave every other day, and one new blade lasted 4 months. I was surprised at how long the blade stayed sharp. You have a great product, and I would recommend it to anyone out there!"Raul Rico

"I have been using the MAGNAblade since the day you gave it to me. My razors have been lasting longer than usual. I used to throw away my razor after the 3rd or 4th use. Now I use the same razor for 2 weeks. I keep my razor right next to my sink and the MAGNAblade fits perfect since its small. Thank you for saving me money. Let me know if you want me to write some sort of testimonial for your venture. Thanks"Daniel R.

"I was recently given the opportunity to try out MAGNAblade and I have been using it on daily basis for several months. Initially, I was skeptical of the product as I generally am about products with such lofty claims. Upon receiving the MAGNAblade , I was immediately impressed with the simplicity of the design and its sleek appearance. In fact, it is so simple in appearance that I became further doubtful of it's effectiveness. But, I was curious to see if it could live up to the promises. Following directions, the next morning I installed a fresh cartridge on my Gillette Fusion razor and shaved as per my usual routine. Upon finishing, I rinsed the razor and placed it into the MAGNAblade , mounted on my shower wall. I continued this routine for approximately three and a half weeks until the razor had finally given up the ghost. I then hooked up a new cartridge and put the MAGNAblade away. I continued my daily exercise without using the MAGNAblade to determine the "natural" lifespan for a razor cartridge. To my surprise, it lasted just two weeks before requiring replacement. I repeated the experiment once more with the Fusion and a third time with a Gillette Mach 3. The results were the same. In all cases, I found a fifty to sixty percent increase in usable lifespan of the razor when using the MAGNAblade system. MAGNAblade has become an integral part of my daily routine and I foresee it holding that position in the future."Shane S.

"I use a mach 3 and normally (before magna blade) I would get 10-14 days out of my blades. When I started using Magna Blade I noticed right away that, after a week it still shaved like a new blade, after week two it still shaved like a new blade, this process went on for several more weeks and the great part about it is, it still shaved like a new blade. I had to change the blade after about 6-weeks. I am so happy about the performance that I am telling everyone I know about magna blade and how much it will save you on the ever expensive blades."Pastor Jared W.

"I am starting my third month using the Magna Blade and am amazed how well it works. I am still using only my second blade after two months! I was skeptical at first, but have been impressed every morning when my razor blade is still giving me a comfortable shave; even after 3 or 4 weeks. It is basic, it is simple; and it works great!" Jim K.

"Just to let you know I have been using MAGNAblade for several months now, and think it is a great product. I use the Gillette Fusion blade and find that the MAGNAblade system probably doubles the usage time for me, generally 2-3 weeks (so about 10 days longer than usual). These Fusion blades are not cheap, so that means I am saving 50% of the cost by using MAGNAblade . Good luck with MAGNAblade . I will continue to use and enjoy it."Mark S.

"Just a quick note about how much I love the Magna blade. No more nicks and cuts. No more buying blades by the dozens. I love shaving again."Steven B.

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